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2014 Horse and Pony Results

KS Horse & Pony Results 2014

Supreme ChampionBrooke Barr
Reserve ChampionJoanne Brown
Best in Show WHJoanne Brown
Best in Show HorseAlice Petch
Best in Show M&MBrooke Barr
Best in Show ColouredJanet Collingham
Novice Pony JumpingOpen WHIn Coloured Horse or Pony
1. Amber Short1. Melanie Prouse1. Janet Colligon
2. Eden Duncan2. Beth Lamb2. Amy Jo Prouse
3. Jessica Smith3. Joanne Brown3. Bev Bisses
Intermediate Pony JumpingNovice WHRidden Coloured Horse or Pony
1. Rachel Proudley1. Joanne Brown1. Amy Jo Prouse
2. Ellie Dunlop2. Joanne Brown
3. Hannah Hurren3. T. Dixon - Grainger
Open Pony JumpingOpen WHPRetrained Racehorse
1. Alice Smith1. Millie Hewitt1. Olwen Calvert
2. Alice Smith2. Francesca Jobson2. Alice Petch
3. Alice Readman3. Alice Readman3. Lauren Thompson
 Novice Horse JumpingNovice WHPRiding Horse ex 15h
1. Zac Archibald1. Ella Kitching1. Alice Petch
2. Jade Affleck2. Abbey Kirkwood2. Antonia Pink
3. Holly Unthank3. Eleanor Scully3. Felicity Stephenson
Intermediate Horse JumpingVeteran Horse or PonyRidden Hunter ex 15h
1. Kimberley Colvin1. Kimberley Colvin1. Olwen Calvert
2. Melanie Prouse2. Charlotte Martin2. Charlotte Martin
3. Grace Fowler3. William Hall3. Alice Potter
Open Horse JumpingPony Club Type PonyCombination Off Lead Rein 7 - 11yrs
1. Melanie Prouse1. Jamie Latham1. Alice Binx
2. Rose-Zena White2. Alice Dempsey
3. Amber Short3. Eve Ratcliffe
Minor Jumping Lead Rein 8yrs & underRiding Club Type HorseCombination 12 - 16yrs
1. Sarah Proudley1. Sara Musgrove1. Jamie Latham
2. Olivia Smallwood2. T. Dixon-Grainger2. Micha Ditchburn
3. Murphy Thompson3. Helen Abbey3. Amber Short
Minor Jumping 10yrs & underMounted Fancy DressLead Rein Combination 4 - 9yrs
1. Freya Woods1. Caty Hambleton1. B rooke Barr
2. Sarah Proudley2. Daniel Corbett2. Holly Binx
3. Annabelle Cunningham3. Charlotte Scott3. William Hall
Triers Jumping 13yrs & underIn Hand M&M Small Breeds
1. Freya Wood
2. Sarah Proudley
3. Alicia Dempsey
Ridden M & M Large BreedsIn Hand M&M Large Breeds
1. Lynsey Swales1. Helen Miller
2. Sandra Cottle2. Peter Hall
3. Hayley Wood3. Kim Knaggs
Ridden M & M Small BreedsLead Rein M&M
1. Jamie Latham1. Brooke Barr
2. Alice Dempsey2. Daniel Corbett
3. Yvi Gibson
8yrs & under lead rein16yrs & under12yrs & under
Walk, trot & RunWalk Trot & RunWalk Trot & Run
1. Jane Hamilton1. Amber Short1. Katie Hamilton
2. Erin Cook2. Rachel Proudley2. Harriet Hodgson
3. Harriet Hodgson3. Rachel Proudley
Flag RaceFlag RaceFlag Race
1. Harriet Hodgson1. Rose - Zena White1. Rose - Zena White
2. Millie Hodgson2. Amber Short2. Brooke Parker
3. Charlotte Hurren3. Alice Readman
Musical RaceMusical RaceMusical Race
1. Harriet Hodgson1. Amber Short1. Rachel Proudley
2. Millie Hodgson2. Jamie Latham2. Harriet Hodgson
3. Charlotte Hurren3. Rachel Proudley3. Oliver Dodds
Bending RaceBending RaceBending Race
1. Harriet Hodgson1. Rachel Proudley1. Alice Readman
2. Millie Hodgson2. Jamie Latham2. Katie Hamilton
3. Charlotte Hurren3. Harriet Hodgson
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