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Sheep results 2017

Number class 2017
class no
51 Aged Ram 1.R Sellars 2.A Fawbett 3. A Fawbett
52 Shearling Ram 1.A Fawbett 2.A Fawbett 3. S Snaith
53 Ram Lamb 1.A Fawbett 2.R Sellars 3. A Fawbett
54 Ewe 1.A Fawbert 2.A Fawbett 3.S Snaith
55 Gimmer Shearling 1.A Fawbett 2.R Sellars 3.S Snaith
56 Gimmer Lamb 1.A Fawbert 2.A Fawbett 3.R Sellars
57 Group of 4 1.A Fawbert 2.R Sellars 3.A Fawbett
Champion A Fawbert
58 Aged or Shearling Ram 1.Horner 2.Le Cornu 3.Horner
59 Ram Lamb 1.Horner 2.Horner 3.Le Cornu
60 Ewe or Gimmer Shearling 1.Horner 2.Horner 3.Le Cornu
61 Gimmer Lamb 1.Horner 2.Horner 3.Le Cornu
62 Group of 1 male+2 females 1.Horner 2.Horner 3.Le Cornu
63 Male any age 1.Turnbull 2.Turnbull 3.Smith
64 Female any age 1.Turnbull 2.Smith 3.Smith
65 Ewe or Gimmer Shearling 1.Horner
66 Gimmer Lamb 1.Horner 1.Horner
67 Ewe or Gimmer Shearling 1.L Fowler 2.L Fowler 3.P Proudley
68 Gimmer Lamb 1.Turnbull 2.Turnbull
69 Ram, Shearling or aged 1.J Turnbull 2.L Fowler 3.J Turnbull
70 Ram Lamb 1.G Tuer 2.J Turnbull 3.J Turnbull
71 Ewe or Gimmer Shearling 1.G Tuer 2.J Turnbull J Turnbull
72 Gimmer Lamb J Turnbull 2.G Tuer 3.J Turnbull
73 Group of 1 male+2 females 1.J Turnbull 2.G Tuer
George Pierson Memorial Trophy for the champion G Tuer
74 Any commerical Ram 1.RH J Wood 2.L Fowler 3.RHJ Wood
75 Any commerical Ewe 1.RHJ Wood 2.L Fowler 3.RHJ Wood
76 Pair of Butchers Lambs 1.M Macdonald 2.J Robinson 3.L Fowler
PET LAMB – Born 2017
77 Child- up to 8yrs 1.J Wood 2.E Fawcett

AV Fawcett and sons cup for best butchers lambs M Macdonald
Chris Bentley Trophy J Turnbull
D Hanson Trophy A Fawcett
F Macdonald Trophy A Fawcett
Perpetual Mr and Mrs C Anthony Trophy R Sellars

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